Q: Why “Twerking Mom?”

A: Because all the good “Mommy Blog” names were already taken. And because of my 5-year old nephew, who looks (and, I imagine, acts) like a young Trevor Noah. A couple months ago, my mom had all three of her grandkids over and when she picked up the baby to rock him to sleep, Young Trevor shouted, “Abuela! Why are you TWERKING???” A few glasses of wine later, “Twerking Mom” was born.

Q: So do you twerk?

A: No. Not because I believe there is anything inherently wrong with twerking (Todrik Hall’s Twerking in the Rain is one of my favorite videos ever) but I lack the requisite skill set. That said, my professional life does revolve around dance so I thought “Twerking Mom” would be a fun and slightly irreverent take on the traditional “Mommy Blog.”

Q: So if you’re not gonna post about twerking, what is this blog about?

A: Matrecense, which is anthropology-speak for the process of becoming a mother. I kicked off my own matrecense journey in the Spring of 2018 and although I jotted down lots of notes along the way, it’s only recently that I’ve regained my ability to write somewhat coherently. Homonyms remain my downfall, though. Especially when I’m tired, which is pretty much ALL THE TIME nowadays. So you’ll have to excuse the typos and spelling mistakes.

Q: Is everything on this blog TRUE?

A: Yes. If you’re a fellow parent, you know: you can’t make this sh*t up. I am, however, prone to exaggeration, so take everything with a grain of salt. In addition, I’m more into sharing funny stories than chronicling each and every milestone in the order than they occurred. For the sake of protecting our family’s privacy, my husband and I discuss what I should and should not post so some things I write about are happening in “real time” while others have been marinating for a while.

Q: What is your real name?

A: “Mama.” Or “Momeeeeee” in cases of extreme urgency. I also go by Kat, and will happily answer to this too, but if you know my kid’s real name, please don’t share it. He didn’t ask to be blogged about.

Q: Do you want to review my product/app/handmade baby booties?

A: No, unless they’re, like, limited edition Bernie Sanders 2020 organic, all-natural, 100% alpaca wool baby booties or, more seriously, if you represent a Philadelphia-based organization and/or a woman-owned business– then we can talk. But first and foremost, I’m a writer and this blog is for telling stories. Thank you for stopping by.

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