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The Lactation Room, Part 3

It’s the moment of truth: the end of the semester, my students have their concert, and I’m heading to the official on-campus Lactation Room (instead of my usual closet) for the first time. I stop at the Starbucks kiosk (which isn’t a real Starbucks… Continue Reading “The Lactation Room, Part 3”

The Lactation Room, Part 2

So I’ve made it for about 7 months without actually using the Lactation Room on campus, in part because I never got around to filing the paperwork, in part because I still don’t know where the damn thing is, and in part because when… Continue Reading “The Lactation Room, Part 2”

The “Lactation Room,” Part 1

A few weeks into our “breastfeeding journey,” some 9 or 10 months ago now, I find out there’s a form I need to fill out and file with my university’s HR department to gain access to the “Lactation Room” on campus. I’m in a… Continue Reading “The “Lactation Room,” Part 1″

The Case of the Valentine’s Day Nursing Pads

There’s a reason you should never throw away your heart-shaped, eco-friendly, reusable bamboo nursing pads: because someday your kid will celebrate his first Valentine’s Day and you’ll want him to have a Valentine’s outfit, and you’ll need a quick way to cover up the… Continue Reading “The Case of the Valentine’s Day Nursing Pads”

Breastfeeding and Rocket Ships

In the early days of breastfeeding, establishing a “good latch” is kind of like refueling a spaceship in midair: it’s a team effort, and everything has to line up just so, at exactly the right moment, and if you get it right, you save… Continue Reading “Breastfeeding and Rocket Ships”