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Mom Fail: Airline Edition

It’s January. We’re 9 months in. He reaches for the tissue box and looks back at me, already aware that I’m gonna say “No.” I’m trying to remember what the parenting books tell me I’m supposed to do in this situation: set a boundary?… Continue Reading “Mom Fail: Airline Edition”

A Very Merry Chippendales Birthday

So it’s mid-February, I’m home sick, and I’m watching trashy reality shows on Netflix while planning my kid’s first birthday (because I can “stay in bed and rest” and STILL multitask, mothafucker!). Halfway through the first season of “Yummy Mummies,” I discover two crucially… Continue Reading “A Very Merry Chippendales Birthday”

The Case of the Valentine’s Day Nursing Pads

There’s a reason you should never throw away your heart-shaped, eco-friendly, reusable bamboo nursing pads: because someday your kid will celebrate his first Valentine’s Day and you’ll want him to have a Valentine’s outfit, and you’ll need a quick way to cover up the… Continue Reading “The Case of the Valentine’s Day Nursing Pads”