Rite of Passage: Stroller Shopping

I can still remember the day my husband and I went to Buy Buy Baby to look at strollers. We walk in, as clueless as clueless can be, and find our eyes glazing over at a display that stretches wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Each stroller is parked in a little compartment on a purpose-built shelf, like some sort of futuristic looking multi-level parking garage, and they’re stacked three high.

There are so many different types, and shapes, and colors, and it takes us a good ten minutes of wheeling the damn things around to realize that we’ve not even made it to the regular stroller section. Oh no. We’re only looking at the clearance models…

If you had asked the old me if I thought I’d ever end up cruising around with a $900 stroller (or that I’d spend my third trimester taking “practice” walks with said stroller to get our dimwitted dog used to the idea) I’d have looked at you like you had two heads.

But the new me, the mom me, is the proud owner of an UppaBaby Vista 2018, complete with an infant bassinet attachment and a leather handlebar because how on earth can you raise a baby without a leather handlebar?

You can’t.